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About Us

Autonomate is an Enterprise Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) company based in London, UK and we help our clients to streamline their processes with bespoke automations, which makes their organisations more cost and time efficient.


Autonomate grew from our IT Support business, where we found ourselves creating automated data solutions for more and more of our clients, to the point where the service became its own entity.


We also discovered, our client's requirements for automated processes are so unique, that our solutions are almost always entirely bespoke.


This is why we consider ourselves business automation consultants, rather than trying to sell you an out-of-the-box software solution that doesn't quite meet your specific requirements.


Once you're ready to work with us, we'll begin with a consultation so that we can understand your specific requirements and create a bespoke automation solution to improve the efficiency of your processes.

About Us

What We Do


If your organisation needs to improve a process, we can create data automation that makes it faster and more cost efficient.


It could be getting two different systems to share information through an API. It could be replacing a lengthy manual data entry process with a single form that's uploaded to populate a variety of systems with data.


We can make virtually any automated process your organisation needs to operate more efficiently.


Ultimately, our automation services are all about improving your organisation by saving you time and money.

We have also ensured that our automation services are compatible with a wide range of enterprise and mainstream automation and RPA platforms, such as Robocorp, Microsoft Power Automate, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, together with Mailchimp, Hubspot and Xero to name a few.


And if your cloud business service has an API, then it's likely it can be automated too.


Why Work With Us?

Truly, the one thing that makes Autonomate better than other automation services is our consultancy approach.


  • We ask you what your issues are

  • We figure out how to solve them

  • We give you a bespoke solution


Unlike other RPA companies, we don't try and force an out-of-the-box software product on you that you then have to try and configure to solve your problems.


We're here to listen to your problems, ask questions to gain insights and then solve your problems with bespoke automated solutions.


And our end goal is to save you time and money.


Automation Solutions

Autonomate offers a broad range of enterprise automation and RPA solutions to a variety of different sectors to businesses around the UK. Whether your business is large or small, our automation services can streamline and optimise a plethora of your everyday business processes for more effective output. 

From everyday tasks to automated solutions that seamlessly integrate across a number of platforms, Autonomate takes care of the repetitive tasks and processes so that you can focus more time and effort on the bigger things. Our intelligent automation software and solutions offer the most advanced automation of business processes, from data processing, analytics and validation, to customer and employee onboarding, to credit checking, automated claims processing, timesheet automation and much more.

Data Processing

Data Analytics

Data Validation

Data Lookup

Data Reporting

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Smiling Woman


One of the best & most informative sessions to date. I will also be discussing  Autonomate with my colleagues to determine whether there are tasks we can automate.

Portrait of Smiling Man


It was very interesting & an informative topic. I never knew the tech existed. A lot to think about. I will be reviewing all of our processes to determine how we can use RPA.

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Jamie’s experience in my industry was particularly helpful. I will be discussing what automation in Compliance we can do.



Contact Us

Personally speak with one of our Automation Consultants to discuss your requirements. Complete this quick form and we will be in touch or contact us using:

4th Floor, Silverstream House
45 Fitzroy Street
London W1T 6EB

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Thanks for contacting us!

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