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Testimonials from clients who have used us for RPA services or attended our events

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Autonomate automated our accounting package quotes and contracts with e-sign technology saving us hours of manual admin time weekly and also overhead costs. Clients now onboard so much faster, it’s incredible. We will be using RPA with Autonomate further now we know what it can do and the savings in time, money and carbon emissions.


Amazing Support

Working with Autonomate to speed up our business processes has paid off in happier staff, less admin, a huge boost in efficiency and productivity and all down to a few RPA bots doing the manual work instead of our human team of people! Automation is absolutely worth the investment and Autonomate handled our projects exceptionally well considering some the manual process steps were quite complicated.

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I attended one of Autonomate’s workshops in London at a peer group meeting and I was amazed at what RPA can do. Although I’d never heard of robotic process automation before I had understood and used automation with tools like zapier. This however is another level of automation and we are now seriously planning to use RPA internally in the IT Dept first and then across the wider departments to free up fee earner and partner time. Highly recommend speaking with Autonomate and going to one of their talks.

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Very good at understanding client requirements and recommending the best approach to our automation project. A real pleasure to work with and the team were very helpful especially with making sure we understood the bot process. Professional and proactive in their advice and I wouldn't hesitate to working with Autonomate again. The expertise of everyone involved really is to a high standard.

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