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Specialist Automation Sectors

Autonomate automates and accelerates business processes in a variety of sectors.


Our experts optimise your business processes and data efficiency through intelligent automation. Whether it be for admin, legal, operations, accounting, sales, HR or marketing, your business gets specialist automation services that streamline your everyday business processes through multi-platform data and process automation.


Managed Automation &
RPA Consultancy

made simple

Automating your business processes and data with intelligence,

using enterprise automation solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software robots & cloud multi-platforms

We help UK businesses optimise their processes and technology through data automation, RPA and intelligent automation solutions


Fully Managed Automation 24/7

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Why Choose Autonomate?

Autonomate makes business automation simple. 

We streamline and optimise the everyday processes of businesses using automation services so that they get more done using fewer resources, in less time. Using advanced multi-platform, data processing automation and RPA, specialised for a variety of different sectors, Autonomate accelerates efficiency, increases productivity and drives growth. Autonomate supports a broad range of enterprise automation platforms, offers local and cloud availability and includes 24/7 support and management.

Increase Business Performance

We use intelligent bot integration to increase work productivity by 86%

Free Your Workforce

By using digital automation within your workforce, your company can realise cost savings of 59% and boost efficiency

Stay Competitive

Companies of all sizes are saving time and money through automation. Our digital automation processes will help you remain competitive

Meet Sustainability Targets

Our automation processes will have a beneficial impact on CO2 levels

Automation Solutions

Autonomate offers a broad range of automation solutions to a variety of different sectors to businesses around the UK. Whether your business is large or small, our automation and RPA services can streamline and optimise a plethora of your everyday business processes for more effective output. 

From everyday tasks to automated solutions that seamlessly integrate across a number of platforms, Autonomate takes care of the repetitive tasks and processes so that you can focus more time and effort on the bigger things. Our intelligent automation software and solutions offer the most advanced automation of business processes, from data processing, analytics and validation, to customer and employee onboarding, to credit checking, automated claims processing, timesheet automation and much more.

Data Processing

Data Analytics

Data Validation

Data Lookup

Data Reporting


Automation Consultancy

We’re an Automation company that’s proud to offer automation services to companies of all sizes across the UK. Our automation consultants can advise and offer you simple and affordable solutions tailored to your business. And with Autonomate, you get fast and effective 24/7 support and management for all of your automation needs.

Contact us

Contact us today so that your business, too, can reap the benefits of business automation and begin to get more done with fewer resources, in less time

Speak to a consultant

Speak to a consultant for expert advice and specifics on how your business can benefit today.

Set-up Automations

Our experts and specialists can set-up automations for streamlined and optimised business processing in any of the sectors that we support.

Automation Software

At Autonomate we support a broad range of enterprise automation platforms and RPA software, such as Robocorp, Microsoft Power Automate and Automation Anywhere. If your local or cloud business service has an API, then it’s likely it can be automated and if not then we can work with you to make automation a reality with bespoke Python coding and integration.

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Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Improve Productivity

Our digital workforce can accelerate your everyday business processes. Manual tasks are completed in a fast and efficient way around-the-clock. Your productivity will increase, and your bottom line will improve.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Autonomate does the laborious jobs that your employees don’t want to do. By automating the mundane, everyday business processes, your employees are freed to channel their energies to the more important aspects of your business, and employee satisfaction is increased.

 Improve Accuracy

Automating your data processes ensures complete accuracy of input data. There Are fewer errors and there’s an increased consistency, and the quality of information is higher for both your business and your customers.

Better Reporting

Our robots pull the data you need quickly for accurate information, in real-time. Autonomate increases the efficiency and visibility of data reporting for your business so that you can make better data-driven decisions.

 Flexible, Scalable Workforce

We tailor our digital workforce to suit your business needs. Whether we need to scale the team and activity levels up or down, our flexible and scalable workforce caters to the unique requirements of your business.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Lead the charge and become a climate positive business. Reduce the energy output, CO2 emissions and resources that’re used by your staff by automating your business processes.


Automation Company


We are a Business Automation Consultancy for UK Enterprise Companies. We help our clients streamline their business through multi-platform data and process automation. By using cloud automation platforms with software robots, robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent data processing, companies can do more everyday with less resources, in less time.

We can help develop your business systems and processes with intelligence, whether it be for admin, legal, operations, accounting, sales, HR or marketing. Automation means empowering your staff to spend more time on the business and less time on admin and data processing.

With Autonomate, your company starts to rely on automation technology and software robots to perform data processing tasks, improving the operations and ultimately the profitability of your business.

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About Us
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One of the best & most informative sessions to date. I will also be discussing  Autonomate with my colleagues to determine whether there are tasks we can automate.

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It was very interesting & an informative topic. I never knew the tech existed. A lot to think about. I will be reviewing all of our processes to determine how we can use RPA.

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Jamie’s experience in my industry was particularly helpful. I will be discussing what automation in Compliance we can do.



Automation ROI Calculator

Did you know? What takes a person to do in 15 minutes, a software robot can do in just 1.

Now, think about a typical manual process that your staff member does on a regular basis and then enter the information into the ROI calculator to see your approximate savings through automation.



And learn how by creating a workforce that employs robotic automation, your business can realise cost savings of 59% and 86% increase in work productivity

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